A smart solution for all your email marketing needs.

Plan, engage, and analyse with ease. Transform your email marketing strategy with an all-in-one platform.


Create response templates and automate responses for your subscribers.

Personalised emails

Build deeper customer relationships with personalised emails

Multivariable Segmentation

Leverage customer behavior and data to create the “perfect audience” in just minutes.

Customer details

Auto-extract details about subscribers from submitted information.

Feature name

Webex integrates seamlessly into 100+
industry-leading apps.

Feature name

Webex integrates seamlessly into 100+
industry-leading apps.

Feature name

Webex integrates seamlessly into 100+
industry-leading apps.

Feature name

Webex integrates seamlessly into 100+
industry-leading apps.

Email Automation gives you back your time

It costs 5x more to acquire a new customer than to retain an existing one. You are your customers’ biggest asset, so it’s up to you to create experiences that keep them coming back.

Emailsmart helps you automate and track your contacts to create authentic experiences that boost lifetime values through repeat purchases.
Engage with your customers at the perfect moment: With event-based automations, you can send personalized communications to nurture new contacts and customers from the moment they subscribe or make a purchase.
Design unique journeys for your customers: Keep an eye on your customers and the links they click, their purchases, and how they interact with your messages. You’re going to help them get more out of the experience.

Take your email marketing to the next level.

Create workflows that do the heavy lifting for you. Send out personalized newsletters and promotional emails with absolute ease.

Automated Marketing

As a customer's behavior changes and their data grows, send them relevant messages to create a personalized experience.

Real-Time Analytics

You get actionable data that's reliable, from numbers on open rates to exact products purchased.

Fair & Affordable pricing

You only pay for the email you send monthly. The personal data you have is completely unlimited and free.
GDPR compliance

Your data privacy and security are a top concern for us.

Why Data Protection With Marketing Software?
The tech giants know almost everything about us, why should you care about this abstract topic? As a provider of professional marketing automation and analytics software, we know:

Regulations in Switzerland and the EU have become stricter. By complying with them, you protect yourself from lawsuits or save yourself expensive legal opinions.
You offer your customers more security. This can be an important selling point.

Why Emailsmart?

Don't waste time switching between multiple tools to manage your email campaigns. Bring them all together.
World Class Support
Fast support from real people. 24/7. 365 days a year.
Top Notch Deliverability
We personally handle your email deliverability.

Easy to Use
Easy to use and well-documented service.

Fair Pricing
Only pay how many email sent per month.

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